Friday, October 8, 2010

We're on the home stretch.

Here's the habitat in it's current incarnation, along with everything related to it that I have so far.This is really happening. My boner tingles with excitement. I just got a donation for the drill, and the deep water pump/heated gloves/battery pack are in the mail. Once I've drilled the holes, affixed the air tubes, sealed it with the marine silicone sealant (pictured) and installed the heater, we are go for Hampture deployment. (See the little stuffed mouse inside? That's roughly the size of an adult dwarf hamster, it's included to give a sense of scale.)

I've downloaded a TXT file of Atlas Shrugged and even at the smallest readable font, when printed on tiny 3*5"" pages (several per sheet of paper) it comes out to over 200 goddamn pages. I might omit that bizarre rape scene with Dagny in the train tunnel because while I think a hamster can handle living underwater, reading that shit might psychologically scar him.

By the way, after I've completed a series of animal habitats, I think something like this would be the ideal next project;

They make each one to spec for customers. Normally they have to be installed while you're putting in a pool as they use anchors at the bottom. But as seen in the video they can also be weighed down. A sufficiently large dome of this type, with a raised floor suspended above water level (leaving room to climb in and out) plus ballast for sinking it would make an affordable, portable one-man habitat. Thoughts?


  1. How does one ensure that there are the proper levels of oxygen in a dome like that? C02 seems like it would build up quickly...

  2. They do the same thing I'm doing for the hamster habitat. They constantly pump in new air, flushing out the old. Only mine's enclosed with an air return tube. Theirs is basically one giant moon pool. Which is why I'd build a solid floor for it with an opening (and a hatch) to climb in through from beneath.

  3. If you do that, you should definitely make a hatch with a lock. Don't want any underwater burglars.

  4. Is the guy with the classy mustache you?

  5. OH GOD I WISH. You have no idea. That man's mustache is brimming with untold power.

  6. When placed deeper, the water will push further up into the moon pool, flooding the living space. To counteract this the air pressure needs to be increased, leading to issues with air mixtures and nitrogen narcosis.

    I read somewhere that, because of his efforts, a person living in an underwater habitat had a chat with the US president. The funny part is that in place of nitrogen in his air, he was using helium... giving him a silly voice.