Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hampturecam is installed

Here's the view from inside:
This should afford a good view of the ham hams running on the saucer/wheel thing and coming/going through one of the tubes. Not ideal, but the best view available.

Meanwhile, here's the algae bioreactor so far:
Needs 18 bottles total (and algae) to provide enough oxygen for 3 hamsters with a reasonable excess to ensure it's sufficient. Guess I'll be drinking a lot of soda for a while.


  1. Do you think the algae will get supplied with sufficient CO2 to survive if you daisy chain them together indefinitely like this? Perhaps it would be better to connect several sequential chains of (say) 3 tanks in parallel?

  2. Remember that the hamsters are the important thing here, not the algae. If the algae in some of the later bottles is dying it means they aren't getting enough CO2, which means the air is more than fresh enough for the hamsters. That's good, not bad.

  3. are you sure you have room for 18 water filled 2 liter bottles? i mean, that might be a little heavy.

  4. I hope it is, remember this entire thing is very buoyand and needs to be weighed down so it doesn't float.