Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Imagine if Hampture were done here

It'd be in the actual god damn ocean (with nice clear water!) but shallow enough and calm enough because the land buffers it from the rest of the sea. There's immediately nearby access to grid power for the air compressors, heaters and so forth. Wish I knew somebody in a situation like this who could take this project off my hands and continue it once Mega Hab is built.

The plan right now is to take Mega Hab with me up to Minnesota next Summer. When time and money permit I vacation in the family cabin up there on Lake Vermillion. The visibility is poor (loads of algae) but the water's deep and there's access to grid power from the cabin. I'd be able to do a 2-3 week mission and get some good footage of it.

If I can pull that off it'll be really neat. Mega Hab won't fit in the aquarium, it pretty much has to go in a natural body of water. But that's the direction I've been wanting to take this project anyway. The last time I did that was with the Mark 3 habitat, which I scrapped due to being designed in a way that made it a huge pain in the ass to move around, and the pond I put it in had no grid power so I had to run everything overnight from a big battery pack.

At some point, somehow, if I'm gonna "go big" with this project and construct a large interconnected city I need to be in a place in my life where I'm living right next to a clear body of water full time. Or I need to find somebody who already is that's willing to take the torch from me, preferably someone in Oregon. Otherwise Mega Hab will only ever be used a few times, and besides that, Hampture will never be any larger or more ambitious than what I've already got going on in the fish tank. 

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